The features that set us apart

DoctorLogic's key advantage is our focus on technology. Learn about why our features make us a better choice as your web partner.

Free, unlimited updates

Our platform is constantly upgrading to improve overall performance and keep up with today's rapidly changing environment. Just like you get the occasional update to an app on your phone, your DoctorLogic website will do the same and continue to improve over time. And you won't have to worry about extra charges because every update is free.

Robust, transparent analytics

We are in the business of helping your practice grow through patient acquisition and we want to prove it. Our platform includes a suite of real-time analytic tools that make it easy for you to see how well your site is performing. How many leads did you get this month? How many visitors did you get last week? Which procedure was viewed the most? Where are my patients coming from? Every question can be answered with our easy to read dashboard that is included with your website.

Easy to use on-page editing

Has this every happened to you? You needed "the" changed to "the," but you had to go through your web vendor? We give you 100% access to your content and the ability to easily make changes on your website with no delays or middle men. There is no need to send an email and wait days or weeks for small changes. Plus, you won't be nickeled and dimed for these small, simple changes. DoctorLogic on-page editing allows you to make the changes you want when you want them.

Unlimited content

We never limit the number of pages you can create for your website. In fact, we are constantly using your procedures, profiles, reviews, photo galleries, and more to create and optimize new pages for search engines. The more content you have, the more you are increasing your digital footprint. And the larger your digital footprint, the more patients you can target. It's that simple.

100% HIPAA secure

Every aspect of our platform - where we host your site, how you add galleries, the forms your visitors fill in - are all 100% HIPAA compliant. You won't have to worry about leaking your patients' private health information (PHI) by emailing your web vendor.

Local data managed

DoctorLogic makes it easy to manage your business listing across hundreds of websites and profile services. We work with strategic partners to ensure information about your business is consistent across the world wide web.

Smarter video integration

DoctorLogic works with YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting services to fully integrate videos across your website. Our team also constructs an effective marketing strategy to distribute videos across your site.

Grow Your Practice

See how we helped a plastic surgeon in Houston grow his revenue by $1.7 million

In this case study, we look at how DoctorLogic was able to help Dr. Rolando Morales multiply the number of patients he saw each month by increasing his website content. His keywords increased by over 2000%, which helped him get more patients to his practice.

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Dr. Rolando Morales