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5 Reasons Your Google Business Profile Matters

Explore the role of Google Business Profiles and how effective management of these profiles increases credibility and patient engagement for medical practices.

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Previously known as Google My Business, Google Business Profiles (GBPs) for med spas give your practice credibility and visibility with current and prospective patients. These profiles allow aesthetic centers to provide patients with straightforward information about the practice all from one quick search, creating an efficient and simple connection with patients.

Many consumers use information from GBPs before clicking on a website to learn about med spa practices and gather specific contact information. Keeping your GBP up to date with straightforward contact information is an excellent way to stay in touch with current and prospective patients; however, there are even more ways to optimize your GBP beyond contact info. In addition, GBPs are a free and simple way for you to boost your med spa’s visibility and traffic.

On the other hand, failing to keep your GBP updated and optimized could cost you prospective med spa customers. Ultimately, GBPs are essential marketing resources and should be given the same attention and maintenance as your website. They need to be updated regularly and used as an information-providing tool for your patients and an information-gathering tool for your marketing strategy. Here are the five biggest reasons updated and accurate GBPs are invaluable to your med spa.

1. Patient Acquisition

Failing to have a GBP can take you out of the game for potential patients. In fact, 80% of customers report losing trust and interest in outdated or nonexistent GBPs. Being familiar with what information patients rely on is essential to increase and maintain patient traffic. By providing your practice name, phone number, operating hours, address, and social media links, med spas can easily build credibility with patients from the very first search.

2. Increasing Patient Insights

Recent updates to the GBP interface are designed to help support and grow your practice. Your GBP allows you to track data and simplify engagement with patients. A GBP provides your med spa with free and insightful analytics that will help you track patient engagement and web traffic.

3. Increasing Interaction

By keeping the GBP portion of your marketing toolkit updated, you can not only determine which patients call you based on your GBP, but you can additionally respond directly to patient questions and concerns. You can also thank patients for positive reviews and boost your interaction with patients, all on Google. This quick engagement with your patient base increases current patient morale and builds trust with patients who have yet to walk through your door.

4. Making Your Med Spa Stand Out

Whether your practice is located in a densely populated area or is the only office offering med spa treatments for a 100-mile radius, GBPs help to differentiate your facility from others in the area. Pieces of helpful information that can make you stand out right away include keeping your phone number, office hours, and website hyperlink updated in your GBP profile. You can also upload your logo, practice mission statement, and any other information that helps distinguish your practice from others to help boost interaction with your profile, website, and med spa.

5. Boosting SEO

One of the most important reasons your GBP matters is its ability to boost your SEO strength. Your med spa’s GBP can be optimized by adding more than “just” your simple contact information. While this basic information is necessary to include, optimized GBPs also include Google reviews, links to high-traffic or boosted pages on your website, images, and FAQs. The more facets of your GBP that you take advantage of, the more traffic and exposure you can expect to see for your med spa.

Make A Lasting Impression with Your Med Spa’s GBP

To help you and your med spa stay in the game, DoctorLogic's services keep your GBP for med spas updated, optimized, and engaging for patients. To learn more, contact us today.

Published on
Feb 16, 2023

Written by
DoctorLogic Employee