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Enhance Patient Engagement with DoctorLogic's AI-Powered Tools

In the rapidly evolving healthcare marketing industry, providers are embracing artificial intelligence. DoctorLogic's in-house SmartAI™ generator creates engaging, SEO-friendly, and medically accurate content with ease.

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What is SmartAI?

Secure, Medically Accurate, Responsible Technology
This innovative AI tool, a product of over six years of dedicated research, development, and refinement, produces tailored content that our expert team meticulously vets, edits, and approves to help grow our client's online presence.
Unlike traditional content generation methods, SmartAI revolutionizes the process by leveraging advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. This innovative approach streamlines content creation, resulting in significant time and resource savings.

SmartAI Promotions

SmartAI Promotions allows practices to effortlessly design, publish, and share a variety of marketing messages, from deals and discounts to broader brand and practice awareness campaigns.

It allows the creation of high-quality text and image combinations that align with the practice's website design, culminating in a dedicated landing page that effectively attracts and converts leads.


Features & Benefits

Customizable Layout Options

Choose from dozens of image and layout options that match your practice's website style.

Intuitive Tagging Functionality

Cross-link promotional content within your website to enhance visibility and coherence.

Versatile Sharing Options

Share promotions on social networks or via the dedicated landing page, driving traffic back to the website.

Automated Scheduling

Align promotions with timed events and automatic removal post-event, ensuring hassle-free management.

SmartAI Galleries

SmartAI Galleries simplifies and enriches the creation of photo galleries by generating engaging headlines and descriptions using advanced algorithms.


Features & Benefits

Automated, Rich Content Creation

Generate engaging headlines and descriptions for your image galleries.

Customizable & Regenerative

Customize text and rerun the feature to create new content variations as needed.

Multi-Procedure Compatibility

Handle galleries showcasing multiple procedures, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Efficiency in Gallery Creation

Reduce the time spent on creating unique content, enabling faster gallery creation and publishing.

Creative copywriting is part of the implementation process. Our content team is hard at work creating new, exciting, relevant content for your new website.

Xavier Logic, MD

SmartAI Blogs

SmartAI Blogs is ideal for those who face challenges in consistently producing fresh, do-it-yourself blog content.


Features & Benefits

Unlimited Content Creation

Generate an endless stream of content ideas by stating your desired topic.

Customizable Tone & Voice

Match the voice and tone of your post to the subject matter for consistency and authenticity.

Save Time

Produce and publish new blog posts in seconds, freeing up time for other tasks.

Improve SEO

Regular content publishing is favored by search engines like Google, enhancing your website's visibility.

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