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Press Release - DoctorLogic & DentalWorks Partnership

In 2016, DoctorLogic partnered with one of the nation’s largest dental service organizations to help them maximize their presence online. DentalWorks, a subsidiary of DentalOne Partners, Inc. is a dental enterprise with more than 164 locations and dentists across the U.S.

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Engagement goal: increase traffic to each local website and increase leads for their group of dental professionals.

Within 6 months, DoctorLogic created the pathway that would ultimately meet this goal by launching 164 unique websites for DentalWorks. Beautiful in design, technically impactful, and filled with relevant, unique content, the dental conglomerate experienced a 22,000% increase in web page content alone, with an increase of page indexation on Google by 1,264%.

DentalWorks Web Portal

Pictured: The DentalWorks portal website, visit here.

DoctorLogic and DentalWorks are extremely proud of the exceptional efforts put forth by both companies. DoctorLogic is optimistic that this project will successfully change the landscape for DentalWorks, providing them with a bigger, more impactful footprint on the Internet, more patient leads, increased brand awareness, and a seamless user experience.

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Published on
Jan 31, 2017

Written by
Kristie Theis