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Boost Medical Practice Growth with Content Marketing

With 1 in 20 Google searches being health related, it’s no wonder healthcare providers are implementing content marketing into their marketing strategies.

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Valuable Content Targets Ideal Customers

As a healthcare provider, you want to be sure the content on your website provides value to potential and existing patients. Content can be used to drive patients where you would like them to visit on your site.

A dentist presenting a case study on a patient, and the struggle the patient faced before coming in contact with them will be a memorable way a reader can relate with the practice. This will create a positive image of your brand to a potential patient who may be struggling with the same problem.

Considering 65% of people are visual learners, it’s also a good idea to use plenty of visual content on your site to target ideal patients and improve your online patient experience. A great example of this is a plastic surgeon using before and after galleries to display their procedure results, and videos of them discussing a specific procedure to better educate their patients.

If the content on your website is boring, unorganized, and irrelevant, you will leave a bad first impression on your visitors thus leaving a negative view of your practice.

Boost Traffic to Your Medical Site

Having a high rank in major search engine results is quality exposure for your practice.

Using frequently searched keywords in your industry will also help convert potential patients and increase the visibility of your brand. For instance, a woman in Dallas has a desire for fuller breasts. She searches “Breast Implants in Dallas, TX”.

Let’s say the title of a before and after photo in your site gallery reads “Amazing Breast Implants in Dallas, TX”. There is a high chance when she completes her search, your site could be at the top of the search results as the keyword in your gallery matches her search phrase. Not only will she head straight for the photo, but she’ll also check out your reviews page and possibly schedule a consultation.

Having relevant content and keywords will help boost traffic to your site. Content is displayed the second those 590,000 search results pop up. If visitors are unable to find your site due to poor content on your website, then your patient volume is not where it should be.

When it comes down to it, give your patients a sense of assurance your practice is the right solution to their healthcare needs. After all, if patients are finding their way to your site, you need to find a way to keep them there.

If you’re interested in content marketing for your medical practice, contact us today to learn more. We’d love to hear from you!

Published on
Feb 26, 2019

Written by
Brittany Pinder