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Humanizing Your Primary Care Practice through Social Media

Social media offers an excellent opportunity to humanize your primary care practice in order to help build trust with prospective patients.

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In today’s landscape, it’s more important than ever for primary care practices to be active where people spend the most time: on social media. In fact, the average user spends about 2.5 hours per day on social media. While a good social media strategy involves posting relevant and compelling content and building a following, many of today’s modern medical practices are taking it a step further by using social media to humanize their practices. Showing patients your personal side could help give your practice a human voice, build trust with patients, and help patients feel more comfortable about selecting you as their provider. Take a few moments to read more about how having a more “human” social media presence could equal a win for both you and your patients.

These days, people want authenticity more than ever, and businesses that are authentic on social media tend to be more successful. To implement authenticity into your social media strategy for your practice, start by posting content that delivers value for your patients. This approach not only allows patients to view you as an authority in the healthcare industry, but it will also showcase your legitimacy – your “human” side – and that you want to share beneficial and helpful content. Another way to show your authenticity on social media is to own your mistakes and admit when you’re wrong. When patients see that you take responsibility for your actions and want to do better in the future, it will help prospective patients feel more at ease.

Your social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to respond to patients directly. It’s extremely common for patients to comment on a post or send a direct message – and they usually always expect a response from you. So, a great way to humanize your primary care practice is to respond to patient messages and comments quickly and directly. Patients love when businesses respond to them, especially in real time. It makes them feel valued. This can help establish a good rapport with current and prospective patients.

Ultimately, prospective patients will be paying for a service from you – and just like with other brands or companies they may purchase from, people usually feel more comfortable giving their business to someone they view as credible, genuine, and trustworthy. The right social media strategy can help potential patients see this side of you. If you are unsure how to implement this type of social media strategy, the team of experts at DoctorLogic can help.

Humanize your practice on social media by posting photos and videos of your team members, whether it’s a look into your practice, behind-the-scenes, or a Q&A with a staff member. Or maybe it’s a photo of your team having fun outside of work. The idea is to showcase your personal side and ultimately build trust with prospective patients.

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Published on
Jul 12, 2023

Written by
DoctorLogic Employee