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Increase New Patient Leads Through Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Patients search in so many different ways these days. But how can your practice keep up with all the competition in the Google space? That’s where PPC can take your online presence to the next level.

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When you talk about the healthcare industry, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can completely transform your digital marketing efforts. Using PPC, you can instantly bring in more patient leads, generate actionable data, and enhance your ROI.

What Is PPC?

PPC is the shortened phrase for Pay-Per-Click advertising. It is also commonly known as a Google AdWords campaign. Whenever you make a search in Google, you will see a series of 3-4 ads listed at the very top of the page. The reason you can tell it’s an ad is by the little green box on the left that says “ad.”

PPC allows businesses to advertise their services and get their website at the very top of the search engine by paying for this placement. Every time a searcher clicks on the ad, there is a dollar amount tied to it. The cost of a click depends on location, search volume, and competition, along with several other factors.

Professional Pay-Per-Click Management and Implementation

PPC is a specialized area of digital marketing. Here, it is vital that you work with an expert team of online marketers who can tailor online ads per your demographics and target audience.

Just like you would handle a plumber to fix a major issue in your home, hiring a professional to manage your ad campaign is essential to your success in PPC.

PPC campaign specialists manage every aspect of the PPC campaign – from setting it up to the enhancement and end analysis. Experts rely on state-of-the-art-technology, computer algorithms, meticulous search identification, and human insight to reap the results you were looking for all this time.

At DoctorLogic, we analyzed data from over 1 million search queries to discover the ways people search for healthcare providers and services.

Using this data, we created our patent-pending Semantic Engine which automatically connects a physician’s procedures to related synonyms, conditions, symptoms, and related variants.

We also stitch together location-specific phrases, along with keywords to create both relevant and dynamic ad copy for each campaign.

Our goals is to run each one of our client’s ad campaigns with efficiency. Moreover, our team will review them on a regular basis to ensure your maximum return on investment (ROI).

This is something most doctors will never be able to find the time to do themselves. Hence, you can go statewide with your marketing efforts, without the hassle.

Incorporate More Keywords

Utilizing our software and technology, we are able to generate thousands of precision-based, similar and matching long-tail key phrases and words for each ad campaign to reach a larger target audience.

Save Money

Contrary to what some may believe, PPC can cost considerably less if you know how to effectively use long-tail keywords. The competition for these keywords is low.

This, in turn, means some of the bids don’t cost as much. However, they are equally powerful in terms of search enhancement.

We have the skill to optimize matching keywords and phrases. This allows you to spend you marketing budget only on keywords that count and convert – nothing more.

Increased Rate of Conversions

An effective and meticulous PPC campaign expert is able to harness aggregate marketing data to enhance the potential leads you want to target.

This also improves your ad copy, bidding methodologies, and landing pages that will lead to high-level conversions at a relatively minimized cost per acquisition.

DLP Creation (Dynamic Landing Pages)

The software utilized by our professionals allows for automatic DLP generation to enhance conversions and be on-point with your website and ad marketing.

The DLP is unique for each PPC search advertisement. On demand landing pages that are automatically updated are essential when it comes to helping your potential patients find relevant information on your website.

Precision Based Keyword Targeting

A PPC expert can also harness the power of Google AdWords and geo-targeting. They pair these with long-tail keyword targeting to locate and reel in potential leads into your demographic.

This allows our team to target potential patients looking for practices who treat the conditions they have or are interested in the procedures you offer.

We are able to narrow our target audience through geo-targeting software by the name city or state, zip code, radius, NM (Nielsen Market), and more.

Insightful and Enhanced Campaign Operations

The best thing about outsourcing your PPC ad campaign to reputable professionals is that we already have the technology and the software on hand. Moreover, we have the talent to streamline the supervision of your paid search campaigns on behalf of your target audience. The PPC ad strategies that you pay for are regularly checked, reviewed, and optimized for a maximum return on investment.

Meticulous and In-Depth Ad and Progress Tracking

We like to keep it simple when talking about managing the entire process. Our software combined with our PPC team has integrated a series of processes, complex analytics, and call tracking methods to determine and keep an eye on campaign metrics. Your PPC analytics are readily available to you through the DoctorLogic dashboard, where you can monitor your conversions.

Learn More About PPC

If you are interested in learning more about how a PPC campaign could help you gather more new patient inquiries, Contact us today and we will connect you with your regional account manager who can discuss a potential campaign with you further.

Published on
Aug 16, 2018

Written by
Kaitlin Waits