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Is WordPress Right for My Healthcare Business?

If you’re trying to decide if WordPress is right for you, continue reading on as we discuss advantages and disadvantages.

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Many individuals are familiar with WordPress, a simple and relatively easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that allows business owners to create a professional-looking website without the expense of hiring a professional website designer. However, like with most things, there are also disadvantages. So, how do you know whether WordPress is for you or not?

When trying to decide what platform to create your website on, you may find WordPress to be one of the top contenders. The ability to have a free version of WordPress and its popularity can make it seem like a great option. And for several users, it is a great option.

One of the main benefits of WordPress is its simplicity. Users can manage their website from any computer and are not required to have any HTML knowledge. Essentially, with the click of a button, users can add a page, picture, or blog post to their website. Many business owners enjoy that they can customize their website to reflect their brand colors, font, and more, allowing them to create cohesion between their physical and digital spaces.

Additionally, several features of WordPress allow users to add calendars, video galleries, a Twitter feed, and much more to their website. With these free plugins, this is one more way that business owners can create a customizable website in just a few clicks.

However, there can be disadvantages to using WordPress, as well. The free price tag may seem desirable; however, it comes with limitations. While there are various ways to customize your website with the themes and plugins mentioned above, not all WordPress features are available with the free version.

Additionally, plugins, large images, and more can slow down your website speed, which may lead to frustrated viewers. Additionally, since things are constantly changing in the digital world, updates are often necessary to run these plugins properly.

What’s more, even though any user can create a website, it may not be a well-ranking website. SEO optimization is important to help you rank on Google and other search engines. However, WordPress offers very limited free SEO features, meaning you may need to pay for additional plugins to perform well in search engines like Google. 

While WordPress has several pros and cons, in 2023, you have more sophisticated options for hosting your website. At DoctorLogic, we pride ourselves on staying current with the technology and trends in digital marketing so we can help business owners like you create a state-of-the-art website.

Our designers, content writers, and SEO experts are all experienced in helping healthcare practices build attractive, informative, trustworthy websites. We are able to take your desires and combine them with our digital marketing know-how to create something that gives viewers the information they need. 

Unlike WordPress, we are here to help with safe website management (HIPPA compliant), SEO expertise, lead generation, a range of growth accelerators, and more. With the help and ease of a digital marketing agency that understands the healthcare industry, you can spend more time worrying about your practice and patients and let us deal with the technical side of things.

While it’s true that if you’re looking for a free content management system, WordPress is a viable option, there are several reasons that this well-known platform may become obsolete.

Largely known for its accessibility and ease of use, it’s not actually the most user-friendly platform available today. Many individuals find Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace easier to use. While their price tag is higher than that of WordPress, trends seem to show that individuals would rather spend a little money to have an easier-to-use platform.

There are also concerns about security within WordPress-powered websites. In fact, sources claim that most hacked websites are WordPress-powered sites. This is of grave concern for many users.

In today’s digital age, it’s no secret that a digital presence is important. And while there are several DIY options out there, such as WordPress, DoctorLogic is here to help. Our digital marketing experts can provide a state-of-the-art HIPPA-compliant website designed to meet your specific requirements, all while using our knowledge of SEO trends to create a website that will not only reach a wide audience but convert them into patients.

To learn more about how DoctorLogic can take the guesswork out of creating a patient-friendly website, schedule your demo or contact us today.

Published on
Nov 09, 2023

Written by
DoctorLogic Employee