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Best Review Sites for Plastic Surgeons

For a plastic surgeon, a perfect day at the practice would generally comprise of performing surgical procedures to help their patients look and feel better.

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However, recent studies have shown that patient satisfaction at a practice is not just limited to a surgeon’s expertise, but also subtle factors such as the ambiance, waiting time, and staff behavior.

The best way for plastic surgeons to get overall feedback of their overall service is to register at popular review websites and gather critical patient feedback that can help make further improvements at their practice.

Benefits for Plastic Surgeons to be on Review Sites

1. Helps in attracting more patients

Surveys suggest that one of the first things that potential patients look for while choosing their plastic surgeon is online reviews. If you are a 21st-century plastic surgeon, providing best quality service to your patients, you cannot just rely on word-of-mouth advertising to gain exposure for your business. You need to make your presence felt in online reviews.

2. Makes yourself visible to the local population

Registering your plastic surgery on review websites such as Yelp acts as a useful plastic surgery marketing tool for your local community. If the patient is in the vicinity of your practice and is searching for a nearby plastic surgery practice, they can view your facility on search websites such as Google and contact you immediately. This will increase your number of patients and can promote repeat customers as well.

3. Helps in identifying areas of improvement

Even constructive criticism about your practice can be beneficial for your business. If a patient points out that there was a long waiting queue at the practice, then you can improve your queue management system or introduce items such as a TV or magazines to keep your patients busy while they wait for their turn.

Once you have made arrangements to improve your services, you can reply to the comment about the additions to your practice. This will promote the idea that your patients’ concerns are always valuable to you.

4. Patients tend to focus on positive reviews

Studies have shown that when viewing online feedback about a plastic surgeon, potential patients usually focus on positive comments rather than negative.

If your listing on popular feedback websites has attracted a large number of reviews, in which there is a small proportion of negative feedback, then the chances are that your patients will ignore the negative ones and make their preference based on positive reviews.

Best Review Sites for Plastic Surgeons

Some of the most popular websites for writing and viewing plastic surgery reviews include:

1. Google My Business

  • This online listing is available for businesses located all over the country. It is free and very useful if you are looking for ways to increase your online presence.
  • After you have verified your business on this website and registered your services, you can then start receiving customer reviews and your business will appear on Google Maps.
  • The application highlights your business location, working hours, and current traffic apart from other useful information. Potential patients can view existing feedback about the business by navigating to the review section.

2. Facebook

  • Facebook is the largest social media network on the planet today. The website started off as a networking platform for friends and family, and is now considered as a great tool for digital marketing for plastic surgeons.
  • It takes very little time to register your business on Facebook, wherein patients can gain information about any new events and promotional offers.
  • Patients can write reviews and invite their friends and family to try your services as well.
  • Once a patient writes a review on your Facebook page, you can either “Like” or “Reply” to the comment based on your preference.
  • Businesses such as plastic surgery practices usually recommend their patients to like their Facebook page, so that they can automatically receive the latest feeds about the practice’s events and services.

3. HealthGrades

  • As the name suggests, this site is essential for patients looking for medical practitioners including plastic surgeons in their local area or anywhere in the country.
  • Patients can view listings based on search or sort criteria such as service quality, patient rating, and accepted insurance.
  • The portal provides useful insights to potential patients including license and certification, education and training, maps, and directions.
  • Patients can write reviews and rate your service based on the quality of the surgical procedure, waiting times, and staff.

4. Yelp

  • Over the past decade, Yelp has successfully attracted millions of users to its website, providing them with useful insights about different kinds of services.
  • Yelp has recently emerged as an effective tool for patient feedback for plastic surgery and general healthcare services.
  • This online portal can provide plastic surgery listings to potential patients based on multiple factors such as quality of service and patient satisfaction ratings using state-of-the-art algorithms. It is an effective tool to view online reviews of a plastic surgery service.
  • The process of registering your plastic surgery practice on this portal is quite easy and requires a few simple steps to be carried out before signing up on the website.

With so many people looking for plastic surgery services online, it is essential that plastic surgeons find the right avenue to market their services. Patient reviews are an essential part of digital marketing for plastic surgeons as they help patients the decide to choose a particular service provider. At the same time, these platforms also help businesses improve their services by providing access to critical feedback!

Published on
Jul 31, 2018

Written by
Chris Desrochers