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Responsible AI for Healthcare

Though AI technology can be a great tool for your healthcare marketing strategy, it is important to understand its various limitations and risks.

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As the use of technology expands and we learn more about artificial intelligence-generated marketing content, there are several important factors to consider. Though artificial intelligence (AI) technology can be a vital tool for your practice’s healthcare marketing, human editing and fact-checking are still needed to ensure optimal SEO benefits from content and generate new traffic to your website. As we all know, sometimes technology doesn’t always get it right, and when you are dealing with medical information, missteps and inaccuracies can cause a host of concerns and distrust among potential patients. 

At DoctorLogic, we are the healthcare industry’s first AI-driven digital marketing platform using a proprietary SmartAI™ approach. This system integrates top AI generators in the market with the knowledge of DoctorLogic team members and industry professionals to create optimal web content.

SmartAI stands for Secure Medically Accurate Responsible Technology. With this approach, DoctorLogic professionals utilize keyword research and industry knowledge to create AI prompts. Our team then edits and fact-checks all AI-generated content to ensure that it is search engine-optimized, accurate, and HIPAA-compliant. At DoctorLogic, we understand how to edit content for SEO and accuracy and how to publish and link content through hundreds of logical data points across our websites.

Because AI technology is not always updated regularly, it should not be used for healthcare content without being edited by a human. When asking the AI content generator ChatGPT if it can be used for accurate medical content, it answered with the following:

“AI models, like GPT-4, do not have real-time knowledge updates. This means that after their last training update (as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021), they are not aware of any new medical advances, discoveries, or changes in medical guidelines.

Errors may occur in the generation process, leading to inaccurate or misleading information. Always cross-verify any AI-generated medical information from authoritative sources.”

In order to create effective and accurate healthcare marketing material, human expertise is essential. Not only is human input important for fact-checking content, but it also ensures content is tailored specifically to your practice and audience. While anyone can use AI technology, not everyone is an SEO expert or familiar with the healthcare marketing industry. The team at DoctorLogic is a valuable asset for content tailoring, checking the accuracy of what gets published, and increasing the use of valuable keywords in AI-generated content for a better marketing strategy. Additionally, we are fully compliant with HIPAA and can make sure your content meets all necessary guidelines. These are benefits you cannot receive from AI technology alone.

While AI technology is a useful tool, there are limitations. Our team of healthcare marketing professionals is able to step in and improve AI-generated materials. Schedule a demo with us today to learn more about how our SmartAI approach can give your practice a boost.

Published on
Jul 19, 2023

Written by
DoctorLogic Employee