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Showcasing My Talent - An Interview with Dr. Morales

The DoctorLogic Before and Gallery solution has proven to be a fan favorite, allowing physicians to display their outcomes like never before.

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When DoctorLogic set out to create a website product that would set a new standard in the medical industry, we knew the power behind our platform would likely reside within our photo gallery tool. This intuitive, easy-to-use, Google-friendly section of our websites has proven to be a fan favorite, allowing physicians to display their outcomes like never before.

We recently reached out to Dr. Rolando Morales, a plastic surgeon in Houston, to get his feedback on how he uses the gallery tool to shed some additional insight on this awesome feature

Rolando Morales, M.D.- Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Morales specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery for the face, breast and body. In just over 2 years, he has has added over 360 photos of his case work with our tools and attributes this to his success.

Do you find the DoctorLogic Before and After Gallery tool useful?

Yes! It’s the most used tool by far of all components of the platform. It allows me to add new patient cases whenever I want, which adds unique and relevant pages to my website, just as if I had my own blog.

Prior to coming on board with DoctorLogic, did you have a before and after gallery? If yes, what was it like in comparison to yours now?

Yes, I had a gallery and it was extremely basic. In addition, it was tedious to use. In order to add patients to my gallery I had to go through the webmaster, submit photos, and case specifics. If I did not like the way it looked or read, I had to go back to the webmaster for changes. It was very time consuming as it took forever to get things posted.

With the DoctorLogic tool, I can simply add cases to my website.

How has the DoctorLogic Before and After Photo Gallery Tool affected your practice with new or prospective patients?

The gallery pages are the most popular pages on my website. They are well laid out and organized, and I can put as many photos as I want on the page to display my case. I can do this anytime I want – day or night. I’m able to upload photos, create informative descriptions about what the patient wanted, and explain what I did to achieve these goals. It has helped me to educate prospective patients about the procedures I offer, while at the same time, show new clients specific cases and outcomes of procedures they are thinking about having.

How often do you add to the gallery?

I try to add about 5 new patient case studies per month. Truthfully, I’m so busy in the operating room, otherwise I’d add more! Even though the tool is easy to use, and very intuitive, you still want to make each case shine. So I do spend time making sure my photos are of good quality, and that I write detailed descriptions so that visitors to the page understand what took place during surgery. In addition, I think it is important to mix it up. 50 cases of the same procedure may or may not benefit me, but patient and procedure variety does. So I try and choose who and what I put on the site carefully.

Do you find the gallery easy to use?

Yes, very easy! I can upload photos myself, move them around, change the order, etc. The gallery tool has 5-easy steps that walk you through the process.

What is your favorite aspect of the gallery tool?

Honestly, just having total control of my gallery is my favorite part of it all. The ease in moving around the order of photos, deleting them and adding more, and having the overall flexibility makes it seamless.

You hear us use the phrases “tagging and keywords” as they pertain to the gallery pages. What is your take on this?

I’m not an SEO expert, but I know the procedures I offer, the techniques I perform, and the products I use during a given procedure. The tagging and keyword aspect of the platform allows me to put all of these search terms on my gallery page, which I know is beneficial to those who are searching. When someone is seriously considering a plastic surgery procedure, they want to know details and find someone like them to study the results. When they land on a case that has these very important details, it is very helpful to them.

Do you have any idea of the traffic you receive on your gallery pages? Do people mention them?

I do get good traffic on my gallery pages. In fact, many times during my consultations patients will pull out their phones and show me one of my galleries, or use my phone to take a screenshot of a case that they want to examine further. The great thing about the gallery tool is that the mobile site is perfectly scaled to show the side-to-side pics, which makes my consultations even easier!

What would you tell Doctors who use DoctorLogic’s platform, but who do not utilize the gallery tool?

Use it! I can’t really imagine having my website and not taking full advantage of this outstanding tool. My advice would be to take good, consistent photos, and work to increase your volume of cases, as well as the variety and quality you incorporate into the gallery. Try and upload 5-10 per month, and watch your website and your business grow!

Since partnering with DoctorLogic, Dr. Morales saw a 2,944% increase in Page 1 keyword rankings, a 371% increase in website visitors, and a 179% increase in website leads. In addition to an improved website architecture and keyword ranking, the Before and After Photo Gallery brings in 74% of all page view traffic, with 27% leads coming strictly from the gallery page.

Create stunning case-example pages in minutes with the DoctorLogic Gallery Tool.

Published on
Aug 07, 2019

Written by
Kristy Theis