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Happy International Women’s Day: Spotlight on Women-Owned Practices

Meet and learn more about some of the phenomenal and successful female-led practices we partner with here at DoctorLogic.

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We have the amazing opportunity to work with a wide range of intelligent and caring medical providers. Research shows that when patients have a gender preference for their providers, 49.8% of female patients prefer having a female provider. In observance of International Women’s Day, we want to shine a spotlight on some of the thriving female-led-and-operated practices that we get to partner with on a daily basis. We are excited to have a day set aside to highlight our rockstar female practitioners who have a stellar presence both online with DoctorLogic and in person with their patients. Keep reading to learn more about some of the active female-led practices we are proud to work with.

This impressive medical center in Columbus, OH is dedicated to all aspects of women’s health. With a broad team including seven female providers and several nurse practitioners, midwives, and nurse specialists, it’s safe to say that this practice is well-equipped to walk their patients through every facet of women’s health. Their patients agree — their robust Google Business Profile is full of patients who have attended Professionals for Women’s Health for decades.

Dr. Janice Sadaya-Conda has been in internal medicine for almost 30 years. With an impressive CV that features time as an Ivy League assistant instructor, Dr. Conda’s Springfield, VA patients are her primary focus, and it shows. Dr. Conda’s patients love her unrushed manner and the way that her kind demeanor puts them at ease when discussing difficult medical topics.

Glanz Aesthetics, located in Doral, FL, is owned and operated by Dr. Linette Rivera, a double-board certified M.D. Dr. Rivera’s specialties in internal medicine, endocrinology, and metabolism give her a unique skill set in the aesthetic medicine market. Dr. Rivera is a leader in diversifying access to aesthetic medicine, focusing on lasers and using laser technology on all skin types and tones.

“Empowering Women Together” is the tagline at DeRosa Clinic Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Jaimie DeRosa’s patients agree. Skilled in a range of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries, Dr. DeRosa’s specialities include primary and revision rhinoplasty and other facial rejuvenation surgeries. Dr. DeRosa knows that as a woman, her ability to empathize with her patients’ medical and cosmetic needs helps her practice stand out from the crowd.

We could talk for days about all of the wonderful female providers that DoctorLogic gets to work with every day. We want to use this International Women’s Day to say thank you to all of our inspiring female partners for everything you do for your communities, your patients, and your colleagues.

Published on
Mar 08, 2023

Written by
DoctorLogic Employee