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Spring Cleaning Website Checklist

With Spring right around the corner, we put together a checklist you can use to ensure everything is up-to-date and running smoothly.

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With Spring right around the corner, there’s no better time to dust off the metaphorical cobwebs on your practice’s website and get things squeaky clean. But when it comes to website management, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of so we put together a checklist that will help you freshen things up.

Housekeeping Checks

❐ Remove any inactive product or service offerings displayed on your site

❐ If you display any prices on your site, make sure they are current

❐ Update your about page & team page to account for new hires

❐ Ask yourself how long you’ve used your current homepage design - is it time for a refresh?

❐ Look through old blog content to see what can possibly be repurposed/updated

❐ Check the phone numbers, addresses, and contact information throughout your site

Marketing Checks

❐ Double-check that your practice’s brand (i.e. logo, colors, etc.) is consistent across your site

❐ Reread your old blog posts and remove anything that might be outdated/incorrect

❐ Analyze your website’s performance and identify your most/least visited pages (or if you’re a DoctorLogic customer, be sure to schedule a time with your CSM to analyze these metrics as they’ll have a ton of great insights to share).

❐ (Use these results to dictate what type of content you should focus on going forward)

❐ Target lapsed patients for a reactivation campaign

❐ (Typically, patients are considered “lapsed” 14-18 months after their last visit)

❐ Remove (or republish) any inactive advertising campaigns or promotions

Quality Assurance Checks

❐ Search your website for broken links or any 404/redirects

❐ Submit a test submission on every form on your site to ensure you can see the new lead

❐ Delete inappropriate (or spam) form submissions or comments left on your blog/social media

❐ Confirm your website loads properly in different browsers and on mobile

Security Checks

❐ If you’re not already, avoid using the same password for multiple logins

❐ Double-check that there are not any old users/accounts who still have access to your logins

❐ Upgrade our website to a “https://” if you haven’t done so already

❐ Save a backup of your website that is stored somewhere safe (preferably offline)

❐ Remove and/or delete any unused plugins

❐ Any plugins you are still using - make sure that they’re still set up properly

❐ Make sure your domain name is set for auto-renewal

❐ Update billing information for any services your website uses that might expire soon

Though this list certainly isn’t all-encompassing, it is a very good reference to help keep your website in a fresh, updated place. If this checklist has made it obvious that your website is in need of a refresh, DoctorLogic can certainly help get you back on the right track with our custom, responsive, and completely future-proofed web designs.

Published on
Mar 08, 2021

Written by
Christopher Ellis