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Why DoctorLogic Is the Best Digital Growth Partner for Med Spas

At DoctorLogic, our goal is to maximize your med spa’s growth. Read on to learn more about the partnerships and qualities that set DoctorLogic apart.

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In the med spa space, patients have established a preference for practices that have a transparent and approachable online presence. However, your med spa’s online reputation is much more than a social media account. It can be overwhelming to know where to start, which is where DoctorLogic can provide expertise and help maxmize your digital growth. Learn more as we outline a few key strategies we use with our med spa partners.

Trusted and Reputable Partnerships

At DoctorLogic, we strive to build resourceful and useful partnerships for you and your practice with leading providers in the field. Most recently, our partnership with Alma has provided many med spas with an established internet presence connected to Alma device contracts. Our unique Alma partnerships allow med spa practices to rank for myriad organic keywords by discussing the company’s devices, software, and procedures, all while we work with your practice to provide a trustworthy online presence. Alma is just one example of a leading medical technology provider that trusts DoctorLogic with the marketing and software needs for thousands of providers. 

Before-and-After Galleries

Our before-and-after galleries allow your med spa to immediately upload unlimited images directly to your site using a user-friendly interface that requires only cursory technological knowledge on your end. Need some help to start? We are happy to add photos and build galleries for you with our responsive support team structure. Plus, all image galleries to show off the results of your beautifying treatments are HIPAA-compliant. Let your work speak for itself and boost your search volume by providing as much visual content as you want on your site.

Authentic Client Reviews

Authentic content is a crucial aspect of SEO success for med spas. Google respects those that generate real-world, non-automated reviews about med spas and their practitioners. With DoctorLogic’s reputation management tool, you can easily organize testimonials according to a host of different variables and know exactly when and how to reach out to clients for reviews. With med spas garnering the more reviews than any other medical practice type, we can help you take advantage of authentic reviews, boost your online reputation, and increase search traffic.

Contact DoctorLogic To Find Out More

In the med spa world, there are an overwhelming amount of options for marketing your practice. Let DoctorLogic cut through the noise for you with proven marketing strategies that boost med spa growth. Schedule a demo with us today to learn more about customizable website tools and options that deliver results.

Published on
May 17, 2023

Written by
DoctorLogic Employee