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MINT Dentistry Achieves Rapid Expansion with 1100% Increase in Keyword Rankings and Steady Organic Growth


Industry: Dentistry

Solutions: Website Management, SEO


MINT Dentistry is a first-class dental facility and ever-expanding dental service organization (DSO) with existing and upcoming locations in multiple states. They are perhaps best known for their modern North Texas billboards and infamous slogan, "We Make Sexy Teeth."

However, before partnering with DoctorLogic, MINT encountered problems trying to replicate the competition's massive number of location-specific websites. MINT approached DoctorLogic three years ago, and in just a short time, we've turned their directory-like website into more than 100 unique, visually appealing, SEO-optimized websites.

The secret? Our healthcare-specific patient acquisition platform.

Initially, MINT followed its competition by handling web development in-house. This decision led to several problems, including a lack of scalability and poor local SEO rankings. Due to the brand's rapid expansion, bringing their web development in-house meant staff members needed to produce individually branded sites with 1 - 2 weeks' notice. Because this was not sustainable, the decision was made to combine all locations into a single, directory-like landing page, tanking their visibility on search engines such as Google.

The Resolution Process

To learn more about MINT's goals and understand its digital marketing needs, our internal teams met with MINT's primary point of contact regularly. Together, we worked to develop a camaraderie and partnership that would ensure a clear line of communication and expectations were set with all stakeholders. Once we had an in-depth understanding of what was needed, we went to work.

Rapid Website Creation

What distinguishes our healthcare-specific platform from other content management systems (CMS) is the speed with which our medical websites can be built. Our teams were often given only one or two weeks' notice to spin up a website for a new MINT location. We were able to meet these deadlines every time.

In addition, our platform allows us to make instant changes to multiple websites whenever needed. We also added any customization requested by MINT, which thus far has included a new scheduler and tracking new metrics.

Local SEO for 100+ Websites

While creating dozens of websites is noteworthy, it is irrelevant if each website isn't optimized to generate qualified, local leads from organic traffic. MINT has grown from 35 locations in two markets to over 100 sites in more than ten markets, with brands including MINT Dentistry, MINT Orthodontics, and PURE Oral Surgery. But DoctorLogic's platform is geared towards ensuring local SEO best practices. Our results have consistently demonstrated our strength in that area with a 10% annual organic and local session growth average.


The Results

With DoctorLogic's base platform, MINT site traffic and performance have grown tremendously and continue to perform consistently. How is this possible? With an outstanding foundation, SEO-optimized core content, and a knowledgeable team.


MINT has grown from 35 locations in two markets to over 100 facilities in more than ten markets, including MINT Dentistry, MINT Orthodontics, and PURE Oral Surgery locations.

Keyword Growth

Using DoctorLogic's base platform, MINT currently ranks for nearly 20,000 keywords –an 1100% increase since partnering with our team in 2019.


While on only our base platform, created with strong core content, MINT's organic and local search sessions increase by an average of 10% annually!