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Customer Referral Program

Refer a medical provider for $100 off your monthly bill or a $500 American Express Gift Card

There’s nothing better than serving our clients well and providing them with beautiful, functional websites. One of the biggest compliments our clients give us is when they send their friends and colleagues. Our referral program is a way to say “Thank you” and give you a little something extra for being such a wonderful supporter.

How it Works

For every one of your referrals that signs up for the Website Marketing Platform, you will receive either $100 off your monthly bill for the life of your relationship with us or a $500 American Express Gift Card, your choice! Customers with plugin options will receive one month free for referrals.

The Rules

In order to qualify, your referred customer must sign up for a full website. Discounts will be applied to the monthly bill for the life of the relationship once the new customer site goes live. Multiple monthly discounts can be applied, but the bill amount may not reach below $500/mo. Referrals received after the max bill amount is achieved will be compensated with a $500 American Express gift card. 

* Example: $700 bill. 3 referrals received. Bill will be reduced to $500 and the customer will receive a $500 gift card.