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Content Marketing

Reach More Patients with Content Marketing

Did you know 1 in 20 Google searches today are health-related? If your practice is not utilizing a Content Marketing strategy, chances are, you’re missing out on a lot of free search traffic! Whether you want to create more content for your site or refresh old pieces, our team of healthcare marketing experts has you covered.

Personalized Content Planning

Personalized Content Planning

Before our team starts creating content for your website, we work closely with you to develop our topic ideation, keyword targeting, & SEO optimization strategies based on your goals.

Custom Content Creation

To execute your plan, our experienced team of healthcare marketers will determine the best mix and execute on high quality, SEO-rich custom blogs as well as new enhancements to your existing core content, image, & video galleries.

Custom Content Creation

60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it.

- Demand Metric

Strategic Impementation

Strategic Implementation

Each new content piece our team creates will be automatically published to your website and tagged to their corresponding pages (i.e. Procedures, Specials, Providers, etc.). This not only helps your audience easily find your most recent and relevant content but works wonders for your website’s SEO by creating a web of interlinks between correlating content.

Expert Content Creation Specialists

SEO best practices are always evolving so what worked best yesterday may not be the best strategy tomorrow. This is why every member of our dedicated, in-house content marketing team possesses a deep knowledge of SEO industry trends and receives regular, recurring training to ensure your existing content (and every new content piece we add) is up-to-date and optimized in accordance to today’s standards.

Active Reporting

Use Content Marketing To Generate Leads

Content Marketing is the future of reaching new patients and growing your practice.

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