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Social Media

Social Media Marketing for Doctors

Discover how you can use social media marketing to reach new and existing patients.

Increased Brand Visibility

Increase Brand Awareness

Posting through social media is a great way to increase your website traffic and create a positive brand identity for your practice. We’ll help grow your social media audience and presence by optimizing your social profiles, and posting original content to most significant social media channels.

Why Your Practice Needs Social Media

There are over 200 million social network users in the United States. So needless to say, social media marketing is taking over. Doctors using social media understand it’s a great way to reach new patients, engage with existing patients and promote their practice and services.

Social Media Is Key For Practices

41% of people say social media affects their choice of doctor, hospital or medical facility.

- DC Interactive

Use Social Media To Build Relationships

Build Relationships with Patients

Our specialists have a wealth of experience utilizing the most popular social media platforms for doctors, Facebook and Instagram. Your Social Media Specialists will review all of your social media profiles and refine each with relevant practice information and post up to 3 posts a week. Each post will include pictures, words and links as allowed by each platform.

Expand Your Reach with Social Media

Increase opportunities for new patients and brand awareness with new and existing patients.

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