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How to Take Before and After Photos for Your Med Spa

You don't have to be an expert photographer to create compelling before-and-after photos for your patient gallery, but it does help to keep a few tips in mind.

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When patients visit a med spa seeking transformative treatments, they often want to see evidence of the potential results. At DoctorLogic, we understand the power of compelling visuals when it comes to turning website visitors into new patients. We make it simple to upload and manage photos with our easy-to-use Gallery Tool, specifically designed to complement your med spa’s marketing efforts.

You can boost your conversion rate and increase patient volume by mastering the art of capturing compelling before and after images. Here are a few things to remember when taking before and after photos for your med spa.

Any discussion revolving around sharing patient photos should start with HIPAA compliance. That means getting your patient’s written consent to be included in your photo gallery and being completely transparent about how their images will be used. Assure your patients that you will protect their confidentiality.

Keep in mind that anything in the picture that may be used to identify a patient, including tattoos or scars, could run afoul of HIPAA, so crop them out of the picture or cover them (physically or digitally) before posting them anywhere. These steps will help you steer clear of regulatory issues and keep your patients’ trust.

Are you a master at microneedling or an ace injector? Whatever your specialty is, your photo galleries are your chance to show off. Any treatment page can benefit from the addition of before and after photos, but you should especially focus on showcasing the results of your most marketable or profitable services.

It would help if you also considered the timing of your photos. Many noninvasive treatments tend to result in minor swelling or redness that can last for a few days. If you want to highlight the convenience and minimal downtime of the services you offer, you may be better off waiting until your patient is fully healed and the results of their treatment are more noticeable. 

When taking before and after photos, you may be tempted to include the smiling, happy faces of patients who are thrilled with their transformation. However, a person researching a specific procedure is probably more interested in the results themselves.

With that in mind, your before and after photos should be framed to highlight specific treatment areas. Focus on capturing the key features or regions that underwent the transformation, allowing potential patients to see the effectiveness of your med spa’s treatments clearly. (You can always use the smiling photos for your social media!)

In this case, consistency has two meanings. First, you should upload new photos and update your galleries regularly. Regular updates keep your website fresh and engaging for visitors and play a crucial role in enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts./p>

The second meaning of consistency is that you should make your photos as consistent as possible. Different lighting conditions, backgrounds, or poses between shots can create dramatically different pictures overall, especially when it comes to highlighting skin treatments. You can ensure consistency by using the same room (preferably the one with the best conditions for photography) for every patient photo.

Have you ever noticed that an image sometimes loses a bit of clarity when posted to the internet? This is because certain formats (like .JPEGs) are designed to compress themselves for easier storage and loading. This “lossy” compression allows your site’s pages to load as quickly as possible, but it can also lead to a drop in quality with each compression.

This doesn’t mean compression is bad. A website with a lot of very large, high-quality photos will also have a slower load time, which may impact the viewing experience for your visitors (not to mention the effect it has on SEO). You can strike a balance between image quality and website performance by always using the original image file for your uploads (with edits to obscure identifiable traits, if necessary).

More than anything, remember that before and after photos serve an important purpose: They allow prospective patients to understand a treatment they might be considering more fully. Photo galleries give your site’s visitors a better idea of the results they can expect, which can significantly boost conversions and help your practice grow.

Learn more about DoctorLogic’s Photo Gallery Tool here, or find out how our expertise can help enhance your med spa’s marketing efforts so you can increase patient volume and grow your practice.

Published on
Aug 09, 2023

Written by
DoctorLogic Employee