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Increase Traffic & Conversions Through Your Before-and-After Gallery

Plastic surgeons are in demand more than ever, all thanks to the latest technology such as smartphones and social media platforms that have made marketing a breeze for them. More and more people today are joining the selfie culture taking their facial snaps at any place and time.

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This has given rise to self-consciousness about facial features, and more people are going online to find the best plastic surgery practice for either invasive and non-invasive plastic surgery procedures.

In the competitive online marketplace, increasing traffic at your website and funneling it through the conversion channel is a challenge. However, adding a before-and-after gallery can bring positive changes in your conversion rates in many ways.

When designing your gallery, you should consider allocating a separate page for each procedure. Use high quality before-and-after images of the patient, along with the case background depicting why the patient came into your clinic and how you helped them achieve the desired results through your plastic surgery service.

The relevant content along with a visual representation of your service will create higher visibility for your website and can also be considered an excellent tool for digital marketing for plastic surgeons.

Make sure to add call-to-action content such as a “Contact us” form or a reference link for customers to dial your practice’s number.

Featuring a before-and-after gallery is very effective in plastic surgery marketing. It helps people visualize how they will look after a surgical procedure; through visual representations, they feel more comfortable with contacting a plastic surgeon and going ahead with their desired plastic surgery procedure. Some benefits of using a before-and-after gallery are highlighted below:

1. Patients can have a glimpse of your expertise.

When you have before-and after-photos of your satisfied patients with visible post-surgery feature enhancements, your patients will know what they could expect if they undergo the same treatment at your practice.

They will be able to see the high quality of your work and feel at ease to call or visit your clinic to find out more about your practice. Therefore, having such a feature on your website can increase the credibility of your business significantly.

2. Patients can analyze the balance of features after the surgery

Having a before-and-after photo gallery will allow your patients to see from different angles and how the facial features were balanced post-surgery. If the procedure includes lip augmentations, they will see how it blends with the whole face. It can therefore be seen as a means to flaunt your quality of service.

3. Adding comfort for patients of different ethnic backgrounds

If you are a surgeon with extensive experience in ethnic rhinoplasty (a term used for rhinoplasty procedures applied on non-Caucasian patients), you can add before-and-after photos that represent people of different geographies such as Africans, Asians, and other regions and attract people from all the different parts of the world to your website.

4. Helps prospective patients to have a reference point for a discussion

Having a before-and-after photo gallery on your website will give your prospective clients a chance to have discussions with you by referencing photos that they saw on your website. They can ask questions or raise any concerns based on what they saw in the posted photos. This streamlines the flow of communication between you and your patient, and makes it easier for you to understand what the patient is hoping to achieve.

1. It should show consistency.

While taking photos of your patients before and after the surgery, you should make sure that there is consistency in:

  • Camera angle
  • Lighting
  • Background

If the initial picture is dark and the post-operation photo has bright lighting, it will be hard for your prospective clients to compare the quality of your work. The same rule will apply if the pre-surgery photo is without makeup and the post-surgery picture of your patient contains heavy makeup. Clients will be confused if the external factors have anything to do with the quality of results achieved after surgery.

2. Take pictures from multiple angles.

When you take pre- and post-surgery photos from different angles, your clients will have a clear idea about how they will look from different sides. Having photos taken from different angles gives a 3-dimensional view of the augmented features, making it more comfortable for patients to trust your quality of service.

3. Facial expressions.

When taking photos before and after the surgery, you should note your patients’ facial expressions. If your client was feeling sleepy when you took their picture at 6am in the morning before the surgery but they look rejuvenated in the post-surgery photo, then people might not be able to understand the actual difference made by your surgical procedure.

4. Use high-resolution images.

When it comes to plastic surgery, every minute detail matters. When posting pre- and post-surgery photos of your patients on your website, you should ensure that the pictures are high quality so that the patients can view and enlarge with much ease on different devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A clear and high-resolution image will capture post-surgery results more accurately and ensure client satisfaction.

A plastic surgeon can talk endlessly about their years of experience in plastic surgery, their high standards of practice, and the quality of their medical training. However, nothing will convince a prospective client more than a photo gallery that shows before-and-after images of satisfied patients and how they value your surgery in their everyday life. An effective SEO technique for a plastic surgeon’s website is not only to come up with strong content, but also to provide the patients with clear visual representation of the surgical procedures.

Published on
Jul 24, 2018

Written by
Kaitlin Waits