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Empowering Healthcare Practices with Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing

Our Mission

At the heart of our work is a commitment to empowering healthcare providers with a comprehensive marketing platform that simplifies patient acquisition and retention.

We offer unique, HIPAA-compliant website designs and proven solutions backed by insights to forge stronger patient connections. Driven by a diverse and passionate team, we ensure access to the latest technology, transparent reporting, and high-quality content.

Our support and expert guidance are dedicated to nurturing your practice's growth and success.


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Our Story

Founders Stuart Lloyd and Ray Myers launched DoctorLogic to revolutionize healthcare marketing. With roots in online innovation, they anticipated the digital shift in patient care. DoctorLogic became a nexus for practitioners to elevate their online presence, adapting to new technologies and patient expectations.

Our mission remains to empower healthcare providers with cutting-edge solutions, ensuring their digital engagement keeps pace with the rapidly evolving medical landscape.


“We're excited about how the DoctorLogic Practice Marketing Platform is transforming the way doctors are acquiring patients. Before this, digital marketing was fragmented, outdated, and expensive. Now, our innovative technology is making it easier for thousands of doctors to find more of the right patients at just the right time.”

Stuart Lloyd, CEO

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During our call, we'll focus on:

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  • Identifying simple yet effective strategies to boost patient numbers
  • Crafting a customized digital marketing plan tailored to your practice