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Plastic Surgery Website Design: Excellent Examples of Plastic Surgery Web Design

Giving your website a professional makeover is the first step in building a marketing strategy that will set your services apart from your competitors and help you grow the business.

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As consumer demand for plastic surgery continues to grow, so does the competition. And most of your competitors are already established online, intercepting clients before they have a chance to find you.

The good news is that plastic surgery web design with all the right features will draw patients to you by accurately and professionally reflecting your expertise.

How Does Great Web Design Attract Plastic Surgery Patients?

Giving your website a professional makeover is the first step in building a marketing strategy that will set your services apart from your competitors and help you grow the business. However, to be fully effective, that web makeover must go deeper, beyond the surface. The following are elements of a great web design you must have to attract and retain patients:

Search Engine Optimization

Online searchers and users should be able to find your plastic surgery practice website easily.

In most cases, you won’t rely on referrals from patients or other physicians. You’ll have to depend on potential patients doing online searches to learn about your practice and services.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

If you want to increase the number of leads to your site, get more clients, promote your practice, or sell your services, you need to appear in search results, preferably at the top. According to studies, 68% of all online activities begin with a search engine, and of online searchers never go past the first page of results.

Getting found online is what increases traffic to your site. Therefore, you can significantly improve your site’s online visibility by working with SEO specialists to implement practical SEO tactics based on the latest best practices.

Before-and-After Photo Galleries

Most plastic surgeons display before-and-after photos of their clients on their sites. However, you should ensure you are posting great examples.

Including pictures reinforces your skill and experience. It also creates chances for potential patients to spot a satisfied customer who has had the same problem corrected.

Your image gallery must emotionally communicate with potential patients. It’s best to include different angles and briefly explain the patients’ previous situation, their esthetic goal, and the outcome. The more relevant your photos are, the more they’ll increase traffic conversions and convince potential patients to take action.

Paid search is a go-to strategy when you want to attract new patients. You can hire the services of a search engine insider with experience and specialized skills to maximize your ROI in Google’s extremely competitive marketplace.

However, to gain new patients, you need to turn those clicks into actual customers—this is where landing pages come in.

Unlike other general pages on your site, landing pages are more specific and provide visitors directions in case they want to take action.

Your landing page design and content must motivate your prospects to take the next step.

Content Marketing

You must boost organic visibility and increase conversion rates with relevant, fresh content optimized with keywords that matter to your business.

Your content should tell visitors what you do and the full range of services available through your practice to plant seeds of interest in their minds. Content marketing is a subtle way of selling your services by being a leader in the industry.

Reputation Management

Nothing beats the reputation passed through word-of-mouth.

Like any other customer, potential patients start their buyer journey with extensive research. Online reviews and customer testimonials significantly impact their decision-making process. So, one of the best ways to grow your practice is to improve your online reviews strategically.

4 Excellent Examples of Plastic Surgery Website Design

An excellent plastic surgery website must contain all the necessary information that impacts your visitors. It must be interactive, informative, engaging, and user-friendly.

For excellent web design ideas, check out these perfect examples of plastic surgery websites.

1. VIP Plastic Surgery

As a superior cosmetic surgery practice in Las Vegas, Dr. Khorsandi felt that his online presence didn’t accurately reflect his offline reputation. He began working with DoctorLogic to build an SEO strategy that would translate his offline experience into online authority, boost traffic, and attract new patients from search.

VIP Plastic Surgery’s website was created with a simple navigation system making it user-friendly. They use large-sized images throughout the site, which is great for such a visual product. They also feature testimonials and reviews from previous clients. The high-quality and compelling media highlights the results of their procedures.

2. Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates

The first thing you notice when visiting Cosmetic Surgery Affiliate’s website is the simple interface and how easy it is to navigate the site. The excellent navigation system makes it easy for visitors to move around and find whatever they are looking for. According to Forrester Research, easy navigation is crucial as businesses lose up to 50% of potential clients due to visitors not finding the right information.

While Dr. Courtney Caplin and Dr. Erik Nuveen of Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates (CSA) established themselves as national and international experts in plastic surgery, they found that their website wasn’t driving enough traffic or converting as many leads as they’d like. So, they reached out to DoctorLogic to assist them in increasing awareness of their practice and procedures, as well as converting more leads into actual patients.

Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates now have a website with eye-catching, trendy colors. They make it easy to find information by breaking down their main sections into four categories: facility, gallery, procedures, and reviews.

3. Morales Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rolando Morales, Houston, Texas, Plastic Surgeon, was looking for a provider who could help him create a website that reflects the sophistication of his practice. DoctorLogic was his best choice as he got the perfect help he needed to build his website for the right patient experience.

Morales Plastic Surgery’s website has a homepage that acts as the virtual front door to his business. They understand that the first moments that potential patients arrive at the website may make or break the business.

They’ve also mastered the art of using visual content on the website. Many website managers struggle with incorporating videos as a standard component of the site’s content workflow. Morales Plastic Surgery features a fantastic custom video at the top of the homepage.

The benefits and importance of a clean and simple web design cannot be overstated. Morales Plastic Surgery website is a perfect example of a web that serves its purpose without bogging the user’s mind with excess menu options and complex layouts. Most online users have short patience levels and tend to skim through content. Breaking down the site to the essentials maximizes the number of visitors who view the most crucial sections of the web content.

4. Dr. Glenn Lyle

When visitors arrive at a website, the first point of contact should deliver content with essential information. It should offer this while being as brief and precise as possible.

Dr. Glenn Lyle’s website checks all the essential boxes for high-quality content. The site doesn’t beat around the bush with ineffective, irrelevant salesy information. Instead, it immediately dives into what Dr. Lyle has to offer. You can easily tell that the design and content of the site have been planned with the ideal patient’s point of view in mind.

Dr. Lyle wanted an online presence that displays top-quality work and improves his new patient leads. Despite working with several costly providers, he still endured several failed promises. Dr. Glenn Lyle “became eager for a solution that would deliver the results he desired and offer transparency on ROI.” He began working with DoctorLogic with the objective of online presence and practice growth. The results have been incredible.

Plastic Surgery Web Design with DoctorLogic

Helping you attract the right clients to your practice is one of DoctorLogic’s greatest strengths. Our plastic surgery web design process focuses on the areas of your practice you want to improve. We understand the importance and demand for new and returning patients in the cosmetic surgery arena. This is why we offer high-level medical marketing technology and efficient web design services and strategies that can take your practice to a new level of success and profits.

Our team’s deep understanding and experience are the foundation for each aspect of our plastic surgery web design. Your website will have content that communicates your expertise. One that is peppered with effective search engine terms from our dynamic marketing experts and SEO consultants, so people will consider you the top choice for the cosmetic procedure they’re seeking. Learn more by trying our free demo.

Published on
Aug 15, 2022

Written by
DoctorLogic Employee