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Body + Beauty Labs Mastered Online Reach, Increasing Page Visibility by 1900%


Industry: Medical Spa

Solutions: Website Management, Content Marketing, PPC



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Body + Beauty Labs has developed a distinctive identity in Center City, Philadelphia, PA, by consolidating integrative medicine with contemporary science. This med spa offers high-quality facial, skin, and body treatments. They have a team of remarkable physicians, plastic surgeons, medical estheticians, and nurses.

Body + Beauty Labs also offers spa and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including HydraFacials, cellulite reduction, personalized chemical peels, non-surgical body contouring, and more.

The Challenge

Body + Beauty Labs faced numerous challenges like any other business or spa, hindering its search visibility and growth. However, the biggest problem was market saturation.

Competitive Market

Market saturation is a huge concern for medical spas in Philadelphia and surrounding regions. You can find a med spa in every corner of Philadelphia. 

Since there was a lot of competition in the region, Body + Beauty Labs had to look for a way to stay ahead of the competition.

The med spa needed a solid online presence to attract more customers. They tried all means but couldn't cut through the stiff competition. The site ranked at the bottom of the Search engine results pages, making it difficult for customers to find them.

Market saturation led to low keyword visibility

Various factors affect search visibility and among them include keywords. A lost keyword ranking is a nightmare for your site. And this is precisely the same challenge Body + Beauty Labs had. They were losing keyword rankings and online visibility.

As a result, their site visitors reduced significantly. Also, they were unable to attract more customers to their spa. Market saturation was a primary factor in the loss of keyword visibility. Competitors changed their SEO marketing tactics to increase search visibility.

The Resolution Process

It wasn't easy to deal with the stiff med spa competition in Philadelphia. However, DoctorLogic managed to propel Body + Beauty Labs to success. 

The med spa now enjoys high rankings and increased search visibility thanks to DoctorLogic. Here's how Body + Beauty Labs partnered with DoctorLogic:

Fully-vetted brand

What better way to stand out from the competition than branding all your products and offerings? Having a fully-vetted brand proves your unique value proposition in your industry. And this is the trick DoctorLogic used to help Body + Beauty Labs cut through the competition.

DoctorLogic provides an advanced website marketing platform to help doctors increase new patients. Their knowledge and expertise in the industry proved fruitful in helping Body + Beauty Labs increase their search visibility.

Everything offered by Body + Beauty Labs is now branded, from their website to their products. The med spas' products are unique to the public, which has changed customer perspectives.

Content marketing to expand keyword coverage

Content marketing stimulates a customer's interest in your product or service offerings. Unfortunately, Body + Beauty Labs lost keyword rankings because it lacked a content marketing strategy.

DoctorLogic had to expand keyword coverage through content marketing to increase search visibility. This involved creating and sharing online materials and valuable content like blogs, social media posts, emails, YouTube videos and more.

Paid search generated more leads

Paid search is a marketing strategy that allows you to pay in order to advertise your products or services on Google and other search engines.

The pay-per-click model lets you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Knowing how effective paid searches are, DoctorLogic used them to generate more leads for Body + Beauty Labs.


The Results

After implementing various marketing strategies, DoctorLogic transformed Body + Beauty Labs into a high-level med spa. The med spa is now cutting through the stiff competition and attracting more patients. Here are some of the significant changes experienced:

A Second Location

Initially, Body + Beauty Labs had only one location in Center City, Philadelphia, PA. The med spa struggled with stiff competition and low keyword visibility. DoctorLogic came to their rescue and helped the spa develop. 

Consequently, the success of the first location led to the opening of a second location, Saint Davids. And it's evident that Body + Beauty Labs will expand its networks countrywide, if not worldwide.

Increase in page visibility

In just three years, Body + Beauty Labs had managed to increase their page visibility by 1900%, thanks to DoctorLogic. How did they measure this performance? They used multiple KPIs to determine the percentage of page visibility. Here are the essential KPIs used to measure this success:

  • 64% YoY overall keyword growth
  • 45% YoY first-page keyword growth
  • 22% YoY organic traffic growth

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Improvements

DoctorLogic helped Body + Beauty Labs increase their PPC campaigns. And since PPC works well with other online marketing tactics, DoctorLogic integrated it with other marketing strategies to drive success.

Also, the good thing about PPC campaigns is that you can easily measure and track performance. For instance, here are some of the PPC improvements recorded by Body + beauty Labs after partnering with DoctorLogic:

  • PPC conversions up 44% MoM
  • PPC conversion rate up 45% MoM
  • PPC cost/Conv down 30% MoM

DoctorLogic helped Body + Beauty Labs navigate its challenges by branding the website and products, expanding keyword coverage through content marketing, and using paid search to generate more leads. Body + Beauty Labs established a second location in three years and increased page visibility by 1900%.