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Brickell Cosmetic Center Dominates Miami Market with #1 Ranking for 'BOTOX Miami'


Industry: Medical Spa

Solutions: SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building



Keyword Rank for “BOTOX Miami”


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Traffic to Service Pages

As a leading med spa in Miami, FL, Brickell Cosmetic Center is a woman-owned and operated cosmetic center with a passion for beauty, commitment, and credibility. This med spa came to DoctorLogic with a lofty goal: to rank first for the search term “BOTOX Miami.” They needed a content strategy that could rapidly build high-quality content just to enter the search game, let alone to reach their goals.

The Challenge

When this med spa came to DoctorLogic with a goal of ranking in a highly saturated cosmetic market, they were not even competing in the “BOTOX Miami” keyword with a website that lived on pages six and seven of a cursory search. With poor visibility, low traffic, and a young website with little credibility from Google, our team needed to develop a comprehensive and differentiated strategy to develop the quantity and quality of their website’s content.

The Resolution Process

Brickell Cosmetic Center wanted to stand out in a market that was not easy on newcomers. DoctorLogic’s main goal was to address the market saturation and help Brickell Cosmetic Center stand out.

Building Out Backlinks

A few months into DoctorLogic’s partnership with Brickell Cosmetic Center, we began a link-building campaign with their long-term goals in mind. If Brickell Cosmetic Center wanted to become competitive for BOTOX®, our strategists knew that they needed to increase the page authority of Brickell Cosmetic Center’s BOTOX service page. All SEO strategy needs time to start taking effect, but within just three months of our backlink campaign, Brickell Cosmetic Center had gone from being unranked with the keyword “BOTOX Miami” to appearances as high as page three of Google searches.

Solidifying a Reputation

While our initial campaign was only contracted for three months, the results motivated Brickell Cosmetic Center to contract DoctorLogic for another 12 months of link building. This extended contract allowed DoctorLogic to keep the momentum moving and establish page authority for the BOTOX service page with regard to the “BOTOX Miami” keyword emphasis.


The Results

Brickell Cosmetic Center challenged DoctorLogic with no small task. Standing out in the Miami med spa space is challenging enough; standing out with popular a keyword such as “BOTOX Miami” is even more difficult. However, DoctorLogic is proud of the successful partnership we have built with Brickell Cosmetic Center.

Front Page Search Results

DoctorLogic was able to use the long-term vision of backlink strategy to help Brickell Cosmetic Center stand out in an oversaturated market. After some fluctuation, Brickell Cosmetic Center achieved their initial goal of ranking #1 in Google searches for “BOTOX Miami” in April 2023.

DoctorLogic’s advanced website marketing platform and SEO expertise provides med spas with unique ways to dominate over-crowded search spaces. Brickell Cosmetic Center has reaped the benefits of embracing long-term strategy with an established first-page presence and an incredible +200% year-over-year increase in organic sessions to their BOTOX Miami service page.

Content Marketing to Establish Whole-Site Credibility

Brickell Cosmetic Center’s BOTOX service page is not the only page that benefits from their hard work. DoctorLogic’s comprehensive marketing strategy also relied on a content marketing package to help increase overall search visibility.

To focus on improving the whole-site credibility, blog posts, social media presence, photo galleries, and more were added to the BOTOX service page and beyond during content marketing. Along with the growth on the BOTOX service page, Brickell Cosmetic Center enjoys a +45% year-over-year increase in organic sessions to their cosmetic injections subfolder. DoctorLogic’s comprehensive search strategy helped achieve Brickell Cosmetic Center’s personal goal while simultaneously benefiting their overall website presence.