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Mountcastle Plastic Surgery
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Plastic Surgery


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The Challenge

Mountcastle Plastic Surgery & Vein Institute, a leading plastic surgery practice in Virginia, initially worked with a vendor who was unable to grow their practice online. This partner lacked the experience to provide keywords that would have Mountcastle Plastic Surgery & Vein Institute rank at the top of Google. Frustrated, Dr. Mountcastle was determined to find a solution that could provide him with keywords and unique pages. His ultimate goal was to be the top plastic surgeon on Google, helping him acquire new patients and grow his practice. Dr. Mountcastle began working with DoctorLogic in June 2016.


Mountcasle Plastic Surgery & Vein Institute


Plastic Surgery

Practice Size

1 Practitioner


Ashburn, VA

The Results


Website Lead Traffic


Page 1 Keywords


Total Website Traffic


Unique Pages Indexed

Since partnering with DoctorLogic, Dr. Mountcastle has seen an increase in page 1 keywords by 385% (60 vs 291) with an SEO value of $23,100. In addition to keyword ranking, the Before and After Photo Gallery brings in 57.9% of all page view traffic, with 28.7% leads coming strictly from the gallery page. Overall, his total website traffic has grown by 333%, and his lead traffic increased by 368%.

Dr. Mountcastle has gained a competitive advantage in his market. With DoctorLogic, Mountcastle Plastic Surgery & Vein Institute is leveraging technology to increase efficiency and track lead conversions that turn visitors into patients.

Product Spotlight

The Solution

After an extensive consultation with Dr. Mountcastle and his team, DoctorLogic concluded that the issue was a lack of unique content and keywords.

With DoctorLogic’s proven technology and expert content and design team, Dr. Mountcastle received a new website specially designed to showcase the great work and reviews of Mountcastle Plastic Surgery & Vein Institute. Our team of content experts crafted relevant pages and keywords to grow his online presence and get his website to the top of Google. In order to boost unique pages and content, Dr. Mountcastle utilized DoctorLogic’s Before and After Galleries and Reputation Management tool. The website was also created to be responsive to all devices and easy to navigate.

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